By John Smith, Published February 06, 2015

The problem with high fashion is that sometimes accessories are overlooked, especially when paired with the latest assemble. Take the start of 2015 for example, all the belts we saw were remarkable, and not in a good way. Huge cowboy-style buckles were everywhere and given sunglasses and belts are closely connected we were worried. Graciously a second wave of belt trends started to feature throughout the fashion shows of Paris and London, woven wonders! All the fabrics and colours you could wish for and all featuring woven patterns, now we are talking!

If you are not already familiar, sunglass designs taken features from catwalk trends. For example Gucci sunglasses feature temple and arm detailing from their strong equestrian roots, the best selling Alexander McQueen sunglasses display the provocative skull and Dior, as displayed in the main image, have featured a woven pattern in their Ever 1 collection. This detailing is key to a successful fashion collection and can make or break a seasons sales.

woven belts influence 2015 sunglass styles

    Alexander McQueen 4196 Sunglasses

    Alexander McQueen 4196

    These stunning Alexander McQueen shades, model 4196, feature the instantly recognisable skull on the temple and have propelled this range surpassing previous years sales ten-fold.

    Dior Ever 1 Sunglasses

    Dior Ever 1

    The feature model of this article, Dior Ever 1 are a stunning classic shape sunglass that feature on trend woven metal interlaced pattern that looks stylish and sophisticated.

    Gucci 3537 Sunglasses

    Gucci 3537

    Taking inspiration from their strong equestrian roots, frames such as the Dior model 3537 feature the same styling that are on bags, shoes and the like.

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