Face Shape Guide for Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are made specifically to suit an individual face shape, hair colour and skin tone. Therefore subtle colour and shape changes can help to elevate a look that doesn’t quite work into something stunning and desirable.

With this thought in mind, we've created this guide, which will help arm you with the information needed to turn your sunglasses look from drab into fab.



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2. Face Shape

Start by working out what shaped face you have. The task is quite simply the most important part to buying sunglasses and frames that look great on you. Get this wrong and not only will you waste your time and money but you will be doomed to choosing badly suited eyewear over and over.

Your face shape will fall into one of the following categories: oval, heart, round or square.

So that you can clearly define your face shape, take a selfie or look at a recent picture of your face flat-on. We also recommend discussing your face shape with friends and family to ensure you get it right.


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3. Our Recommendations

Here are the designer sunglasses that we recommend for your face shape.

See a pair you like? Click on the image for more information and to check out some of the cheapest prices you'll find anywhere online.

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