Ultimate Guide to Choosing Golf Sunglasses

All you need to know before buying your first Golf sunglasses.



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Man wearing Golf sunglasses walking into sun - Ultimate guide to Golf sunglasses

If you’re constantly crushing the ball down the fairway or laying a beautiful approach shot next to the pin, you’re no doubt being blinded by the sun constantly. The same goes for those slicing tee shots out of bounds and screaming for a mulligan. 

It’s probably time to invest in a decent pair of sunglasses for the golf course. But where to start? Well, we’d say right here in our Ultimate Guide to Choosing Golf Sunglasses.

Why do you need Golf Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are a great golfing accessory that can have a huge impact on your game. Wearing a killer pair of sunglasses can not only help prevent the risk of eye strain whilst tracking the ball on sunny days but help you track the ball better in the air. Saving you that tedious search for your ball in the rough. That is assuming you’re like us and find it hard to hit the fairway.

Sunglasses increase your depth perception, so you can read the greens better for approach play. They also aid the accuracy of your swings! 

Man after swing wearing golf sunglasses - Ultimate guide to Golf sunglasses

How Golf Sunglasses should fit

Man Midswing wearing Golf Sunglasses - Ultimate guide to Golf sunglasses

The best Golf Sunglasses should obviously feel comfortable whilst wearing them. Too big and you run the risk of them falling off. Too small and you could find them causing you headaches and rubbing the sides of your face.

You wouldn’t wear a hat or shoes without trying them on. That goes for sunglasses too. If you’re in a shop, get into your golf stance. Make sure the sunglasses don’t slip down your face as you look down at the “ball”. 

If you can, go home and try them on while taking a practice swing in your garden. That way you can fully test the feel of the sunglasses. Make sure that you get your eyewear from somewhere with a good returns policy like at Discounted Sunglasses. This way you can be 100% confident in the fit before you hit the course and can’t return them.

What style of Golf Sunglasses should I choose?

It goes without saying that you should choose a pair of sunglasses that you like wearing and think looks good on you. There are various styles to choose from and perhaps the most prefered design in the golfing world would be sports sunglasses. Sports sunglasses are useful in that they are perhaps best suited to prevent sunlight from hitting your eyes due to their ‘wraparound’ shape and wider frame. They provide an athletic look, but most golfers wear them simply for performance reasons as opposed to style.

Oakley sunglasses are a real fan favourite and are worn by many professionals too. This is because the styles they create are perfect for sport. Plus the lens technology is almost unrivalled! Not to mention the unobtainium material around the nose and temples that increase in grip the wetter they get. So even if you get a little sweat on, you won’t lose your sunglasses.

Many people also choose to wear golf branded eyewear that is available in many golf shops. We’re talking about brands like Callaway.

We would say, as long as they’re comfortable, don’t intrude on your swing and your view of the ball and have 100% UV protection, wear what you love!

Man hitting tee shot - Ultimate guide to Golf sunglasses

What colour Golf Sunglasses are best?

Women taking tee shot in sunlight - Ultimate guide to Golf sunglasses

It is widely regarded that brown is the best sunglasses lens colour for golfing. This provides a sharp contrast which will allow you to more easily track the ball and read the green. Lenses with a good contrast are most useful since they will help your depth perception and colour enhancement which in turn will give you a clearer view of the green, allowing you to take more accurate swings.

Try to ensure the lens is not too dark, however, as a darker lens may obscure your view as less light is let in. So instead of improving your game, you’re hindering it.

Are Polarized Sunglasses good for Golf?

Polarized golf sunglasses are good for golf. Why? They remove a lot of glare to keep your eyes feeling more comfortable for the whole round. This allows you to be fully focused while taking a swing. Your vision will still appear sharper, allowing you to track the ball.

The problem with polarized sunglasses is that in some cases they can hinder your depth perception, whereas normal sunglasses are less likely to do this. This can negatively affect your ability to read the green, especially when it comes to putting.

Some golfers that wear polarized sunglasses choose to take them off when putting. They are also typically more expensive than normal sunglasses, so if the price is an issue, then you should perhaps opt for non-polarized lenses.

Golf ball in the sun- Ultimate guide to Golf sunglasses

How much are Golf Sunglasses?

Man wearing Golf Sunglasses After tee shot - Ultimate guide to Golf sunglasses

Golf sunglasses usually cost from anywhere between £5 to £150, with prices varying substantially. There are numerous factors that influence the pricing of these glasses, for example, branding, quality, utility and design. Obviously, the more you are willing to pay, the better quality and suitability your golfing sunglasses will have.

Budget brands are great for beginners. After all, golf isn’t one of the cheapest sports to start out with. What, with all the clubs, bags, balls, tees and clothing, sunglasses are just another added expense! We would say Bolle Sunglasses offer a really great value for money for those on a budget. They’re middle of the road when it comes to price but should last a long time.

Those who are able to spend a bit more, don’t look past Oakley in our opinion!


In summary, golf sunglasses can help enhance your performance by allowing you to better ‘read the green’ and by minimising the distraction of sunlight hitting your eyes. They are also necessary to prevent eye damage from staring into the sun whilst trying to track the ball in the air after taking your shot. 

Now you know what to think about when it comes to choosing a pair, here comes the fun part. Looking for that perfect pair that will be handier than your friend who thinks he’s a PGA caddie! At Discounted Sunglasses, we have a great range of Golf sunglasses for a range of budgets and abilities. Not to mention our amazing delivery and return options!