Sunglasses Lens Technology

When buying sunglasses the lens is one of the most important features. After all, this is what we are seeing through. But, it’s difficult to know exactly what lens is what if you don’t buy sunglasses that often. Many of us just pick something we like the look of or what our favourite celeb or influencer is wearing. However, if you want to know what the difference between Polarised sunglasses and Gradient sunglasses, then you’re in the right place. 

Polarised Sunglasses

Polarised lenses or Polarized lenses are some of the most asked after technology here at Discounted Sunglasses. Many customers are on the hunt for polarized sunglasses. But what are they and why do people look for them so much?

Well, polarised sunglasses take away more of the harsh glare of the sun. Glare is that really bright reflected light you get bouncing off of flat or shiny surfaces (including water). This is what many are looking for when buying sunglasses. Glare is a pain, and sometimes, when wearing non-polarized sunglasses, you can find yourself squinting still. Which a lot of people hate! 

Glare is the cause of eye strain, headaches and just plain annoyance. This isn’t great for driving, fishing or lounging around a pool or on the beach. So a pair of polarized sunglasses will help your vision and keep your eyes relaxed. Because polarised lenses cut out this glare, they also enhance contrast so you can see more true to life colours, rather than a wash of white reflecting light. 

Polarised sunglasses work in a really simple but effective way. Casting our minds back to science at school, we know light travels in verticle waves from the sun. When these waves hit a surface, they reflect back in a horizontal wave. This is glare. So, within a polarized lens there is a film. This has vertical strips within, therefore only allowing the natural vertical rays of light to pass through. Therefore, leaving behind those pesky horizontal waves, a.k.a glare. And that, in short, is how polarized sunglasses work. 

A lot of people think that some polarised lenses sunglasses are better at removing UV rays. This isn’t true. Different elements of the lens deal with UV protection and removing glare. When looking to buy polarised sunglasses, always check if they include UV400 lenses. These lenses prevent all UVA and UVB rays entering your eyes and causing damage. This ensures you are getting a polarized lens that is also protecting your eye health. 

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Gradient Sunglasses

Gradient lenses are a really popular style. This, unlike the polarised lens, is a lot more fashion-focussed. A lot of designer sunglasses brands use gradient lenses for a different look. This can work amazingly to create a really interesting and attractive look within a pair of sunglasses. 

It is quite easy to spot a pair of gradient lenses. These have a stronger coloured tint at the top and gradually this starts to fade away the lower down the lens you go. This is perfect for fashion, but they also have a very practical use too. 

Gradient sunglasses block out a lot of light from above while allowing more in lower down. This is great for driving! You are shielded from the bright sun above but you can also see the dashboard easily. What a combo to have. 

A lot of people think that because the tint is less towards the bottom, then so is the UV protection. This isn’t true! The full lens protects against UV rays, all that changes is the colour. The colour isn’t what stops UV rays, it is the technology within the lens itself. 

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Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored lenses are loved and hated. Some love them and everything they stand for. Others aren’t a huge fan of the way that they look. But, that can be said about many things. We love mirrored sunglasses for a few reasons, and not just their looks, but their personality (technology) too. 

Mirrored lenses are the easiest lens type to spot. The outside reflects, like a mirror, everything in its wake. However, the wearer has none of this at all. It is easy to forget you’re wearing mirrored lenses when you have them on and feels as natural as a non-mirrored lens. 

Many people wear mirrored lenses for a couple of reasons. One is fashion. The colour choices available are really impressive. This includes solid colours, rainbow colours and even a gradient mirror! Others wear them for a more comfortable experience. Unlike non-mirrored lenses, mirrored lenses reflect a large portion of light instead of absorbing it. So, less light comes through the lens allowing your eyes to be slightly more comfortable, especially if you have sensitive eyes. This also allows for the majority of glare to be reduced as well as improving colour and contrast. Not to mention, it hides your eyes. You’d be surprised how many people want this feature from their sunglasses. 

Mirrored lenses are used in fashion sunglasses, but they feature heavily in sports eyewear too. Mostly, we see mirrored lenses in designer goggles. When skiing and snowboarding you are surrounded by brightness due to the snow. Mirrored lenses reflect a lot of this light and allow you to see the slopes that much better. 

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Photochromic Sunglasses

Photochromic sunglasses are clever and impressive. Sometimes photochromic lenses are called transition lenses. Historically photochromic sunglasses were a choice for ease and practicality. Yet, now they’re becoming a bit of a fashion piece, especially with Ray-Ban’s version, the Evolve lens. 

Photochromic lenses aren’t that easy to spot. Indoors they’ll look lighter in their colour. Yet, take them outside they get darker to block more of the light. Almost like the glasses that go darker outdoors and clear indoors, but with a coloured tint. 

As mentioned above this has always been for ease. If you’re in a country with ever-changing weather like the UK these are perfect. When it is overcast then sunny, then raining, like a typical summers day, photochromic sunglasses adapt perfectly. These are great when walking in and out of buildings too. 

The magic happens due to the amount of UV light that hits the lens. The more UV the darker the tint and visa versa. This is perfect for driving in our opinion. Never do you need to keep taking on and off your sunglasses when the sun pops behind a cloud and then starts to shine again. This is a perfect example of why Serengeti use photochromic lenses in all their sunglasses! 

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