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New Wayfarer 2132

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132

The Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132 uses the same iconic shape of the Original Wayfarer RB2140 but is an updated, smaller interpretation with a softer eye shape. The new eye shape means that if you found the RB2140 shape too harsh for your face then the RB2132 New Wayfarers are a perfect alternative because they offer a more subtle look with the same trendy style. The New Wayfarers match the RB2140’s icon status, with everyone from David Beckham, Emma Watson and Michael Jackson having sported a pair!

The New Wayfarers have been designed for both comfort and style and the lightweight acetate frames and polycarbonate lenses are durable and easy to wear all year round. They present a sense of playfulness, offering more colour and pattern combinations to one of the most admired sunglass styles in history. With incredible comfort and numerous colours available, it’s no wonder this Ray-Ban model has remained so hugely popular since its launch in 2007.

FIT Fits a standard medium to large adult head.

03.03.2014 KYLIE MINOGUE wears RAY-BAN SUNGLASSES MODEL 2132, New Wayfarer.


RRP £116.00
From: £85.00

Aviator 3025

Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025

We are delighted to introduce you to the most popular sunglasses model ever produced, the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator. The story of the Aviator started way back in 1936 when the US military were seeking a tinted lens that would be large enough to shield pilots eyes from direct sunlight when looking at the controls in their cockpit. The final design was a large tear-drop shaped lens with lightweight metal frame which we now lovingly call the Aviator!

Due to the popularity of the model Ray-Ban's Aviator is now available in a staggering array of colours and sizes from a red mirrored lenses in 3 sizes to a pink gradient with a minimum of 4 frame colour variations. This huge colour and size selection has ensured a wider range of face shapes can wear the frame and has attracted celebrity wearers in there droves. Top Gun himself, Tom Cruise has worn Ray-Ban sunglasses throughout a number of smash-hit movies but most famously the classic gold frame with G-15 green lens in the 1986 movie Top Gun. Other celebrities seen wearing the RB305 have included Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, David Beckham, Bradley Cooper, Lindsay Lohan and music mogul himself, Simon Cowell who is often seen wearing the polarized model .

The aviator shape has been copied and refined by fashion houses throughout the world and become a benchmark for future designs. Prada, Gucci and Boss have all produced Aviator styled sunglasses yet the most popular remains the original from Ray-Ban.

FIT Fits a standard medium to large adult head. For a smaller adult aviator fit choose model RB3044 (small Aviator), for a very large adult fit choose model RB3026 (Large Aviator).

RRP £125.00
From: £88.00

Wayfarer 2140

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB2140

In 1952 Ray-Ban revolutionised sunglasses design with the Wayfarer and its thick plastic frame, a radical change from the popular metal frame that was used continually at the time. The Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer made a huge come back in 1980 when they were featured in ‘The Blues Brothers’ and ‘The Breakfast Club’. Today’s Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers are based on the same design specification as the original; the frames are made from acetate, with their unique tapered arms and lenses made from mineral glass. The Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer is one of the best selling sunglass styles ever created and apart from the aviator; it is the most recognisable and replicated sunglass style worldwide.

The RB2140 Original Wayfarers have a long history with Hollywood, featuring in many films and gaining popularity with celebrities, musicians, artists and style icons such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Jude Law and Justin Bieber.

These unisex frames are lightweight, easy to wear and are available in numerous colours with superior UV protection.

FIT Fits a standard medium to large adult head. For a flatter, smaller style choose the Ray-Ban RB2132 model.

RRP £125.00
From: £87.00

Cockpit 3362

Ray-Ban Cockpit RB3362

The Ray-Ban Cockpit RB3362 is a smaller, more understated version of the classic Aviator RB3025. There is a slight dip along the brow line and the lenses are smaller and less prominent, making them a highly versatile and sophisticated style that will suit most face shapes.

The Cockpit’s are the choice of sunglasses for many celebrities including Tom Cruise, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jake Gyllenhaal and Penelope Cruz.

FIT Fits a standard medium to large adult head. If a larger lens is preferred, choose the RB3025.

RRP £125.00
From: £83.00


Ray-Ban RB3449

The Ray-Ban RB3449 aviators are versatile and stylish sunglasses based on the design specifications of the RB3025 classic aviator with some modern design twists. This unisex style suits most face shapes and is a slightly softer version of the classic aviator.

The semi-rimless teardrop shaped lenses, thicker arms and curved bridge provides a modern twist to one of the most popular sunglass styles in the world. Lindsay Lohan, David Beckham, Daniel Craig and Jennifer Aniston are among the many celebrities that love the Ray-Ban RB3449 sunglasses.

FIT Fits a standard medium to large adult head. See the Ray-Ban RB3025 for the classic Aviator style.

RRP £130.00
From: £90.00

Folding Wayfarer 4105

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer RB4105

The Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer RB4105 is based on the same design as the Original Wayfarer RB2140 but Ray-Ban have added an innovative style extra making the Wayfarer practical and portable. The convenient folding functionality means that the sunglasses can be neatly folded into a pocket.

The Folding Wayfarer are a popular choice for many celebrities, including Jessica Alba, Amanda Seyfried, Lea Michele and Zac Efron.

They have kept their durable acetate frame and are available in a variety of colours to help personalize them.

FIT Fits a standard medium to large adult head. For the same style without the folding function, choose the Original Wayfarer 2140 or if a smaller, flatter style is preferred choose the Ray-Ban 2132 New Wayfarer.

RRP £170.00
From: £86.00
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