Our Top 5 Goggles for 2019

For the 2019 ski and snowboarding season we look at our top 5 Goggles. We run through Oakley, Smith, Bollé and more.

Oakley Flight Deck Goggles

The Oakley Flight Deck is arguably one of the most popular goggle choices. And for good reason too. Immediately looking at the design it is clear to see the rimless design. The rimless design allows for a wider range of view. Allowing advanced views in the periphery and extremities of the lens compared to framed goggles. These helmet friendly goggles grip to helmets with its silicon inserts on the strap. In addition, they're design ensures they play nice with helmets. This means a more comfortable and hassle free wear. This is enhanced by the triple layer foam which increases comfort and wicks away moisture.

Technology is in abundance in the Flight Deck. From the 360° frame vents ensures a less foggy view of the slopes ahead. Therefore allowing clear, undistorted views through the Prizm lenses. This is where the Oakley Flight Deck Goggles come into their own. Prizm lenses offer the highest colour clarity and contrast in a lens. Plus, they work well in the largest range of lighting conditions. Therefore avoiding a constant swapping between lenses for the lighting conditions. Although, switching between lenses are a doddle with the Ridgelock Lens Sub-Frame attachment. In addition, the frame features small subtle notches, making these Goggles suitable for glasses to be worn underneath.


Bollé Virtouse Goggles

Bollé goggles, just like Oakley are full of tech. Much like the Flight Deck, the design is rimless. Allowing for a wider range of view compared to a framed goggle. And there is a whole host of technology to prevent and reduce fogging. The Virtouse goggles feature equalizer vents. These inserts are between the lenses which regulate air pressure, to reduce fogging. In addition, the lens is a double lens, allowing a gap between the two lenses for the equalizer vents to work their magic. Furthermore, the lenses are layered with P-80+ which disperses and moisture that may get onto the lens away from the central view and away along with the Flow Technology

The lenses are CarboGlas®. This means they have a high level scratch resistance for a prolonged clear view. The lens, combats and prevents 100% of UVA/UVB rays from entering the eye. Plus, these lenses are interchangeable to swap between the right lens for the conditions. If, comfort is your thing, the Bollé Virtouse features silicon strips on its strap for grip. And, the goggles feature triple layer of foam for comfort.


Spy Marshall Goggles

The Spy Marshall goggles are a great choice to take on the slopes. Not only do they provide a great stylish look, but one that is comfortable. This is due to the 3 layer foam. This adds comfort for an all day slope day and draws moisture away. Therefore keeping you comfortable dry and less irritated by damp foam. Furthermore, the strap has silicon strips to grip to the helmet. But more interestingly has a dual adjustment. This allows for further, more accurate fitting, getting that personalized fit around the helmet or your head.

The main feature we think in the Marshall Goggle is the Scoop® Ventilation. This is a patented design which reduces fogging. By strategically placing vents in the lens and goggle, air pushes through the eyewear. Therefore reducing air pressure, the main cause of fogging. Meaning, fogging is unlikely to occur. This is further improved by the Anti-Fog ARC® spherical dual lens with anti-scratch protection.


Cébé Origins L Goggles

The Cébé Origins L goggles offer a high level of performance just like the others on this list. Double lenses reduce vision distortion and fogging, as does the ventilation between both lenses. This is improved with three dense foam layers. These add comfort but also avoids snow and moisture from entering the fray and adding to the build up of fogging moisture. Much like many on the list, the Cébé Origins L provides silicon strips on the strap for added grip to helmets.

What we really love about the Origins L Goggles are the lenses. These are spherical. Opposed to just rounded. This means that rather than the x axis being curved, that the x and y axis are curved. Therefore giving a wider surface area and in turn an enhances field of view. Allowing you to take in all the wonders at the summit or all obstacles in your periphery.


Smith I/OS Goggles

These Smith goggles are perfect for those with a smaller head. The fit smaller faces perfectly while still packing the same great technology that a larger goggle has to offer. The Smith I/OS really shine when it comes to changing lenses. The interchangeable lens system is super quick and easy, allowing you to click in and out lenses when necessary. And the technology doesn't stop there. The lenses feature a 5x anti-fogging technology. This really brings the I/OS into its own. The technology is a coating which creates invisible etchings, thus increasing the surface area. This helps in displacing moisture. Even better, these etchings are permanent and cant be cleaned away like some anti-fog treatments. The strap is a quick fit strap. Allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the size of the strap to the perfect length. Then it is all held together with a buckle. Something that the others on this list don't boast. In addition, the three layer foam insert keeps the face dry and comfortable.