About Oakley Prizm lenses

Since formation, Oakley has long been the juggernaut that redefines eyewear limitations. Market leading designs, all-day comfort and performance first frames remain a benchmark for the industry, yet Oakley continues to improve what most would deem perfect.

Nothing better illustrates this than Prizm lens technology, possibly the greatest revolutionary leap for sunglasses in the last decade.

After years of colour science research, Oakley has perfected the art of colour control, meaning you and I can now expect unprecedented contrast and visibility enhancement through their new Prizm lenses. Put simply, the boffins at Oakley have perfected a range of lenses specifically engineered to enhance the most challenging aspects of vision within a fixed range of conditions.

Take golf, for example, lens distortion is very common given that almost everything is green. Crack the ball off the tee and contrast now becomes the key issue, the ball flies from a shady tree line into a bright blue sky making it virtually impossible to track your ball’s flight. Bunkers, water and the



The following lenses are available in the Prizm Range:


Prizm Daily

Prizm Trail

Prizm Road

Prizm Field

Prizm Golf

Prizm Dark Golf

Prizm Baseball

Prizm Low Light

Prizm Sapphire Snow

Prizm Ruby

Prizm Sapphire

Prizm Black

Prizm Grey

Prizm Jade

Prizm Tungsten

Prizm H2O Deep

Prizm H2O Shallow



Prizm Daily Polarized

Prizm Black Polarized

Prizm Grey polarized

Prizm Ruby Polarized

Prizm Jade Polarized

Prizm Tungsten Polarized

Prizm Sapphire Polarized

Prizm Shallow Water Polarized

Prizm Deep Water Polarized

Prizm H20 Shallow Blue Polarized

Prizm H20 Deep Blue Polarized

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