We report on MIDO 2015 - the largest eyewear exhibition in the calendar

By John Smith, Published March 05, 2015

MIDO 2015 industry exhibition for eyewear and sunglasses

During the hype of Milan Fashion week Italy's capital of fashion hosted the largest International Eyewear exhibition in the industry, MIDO. This event remains a huge draw for the largest eyewear companies through to inspiring new and innovative brands, Far East producers and anyone interested in the production and retail of eyewear.

This year Discounted Sunglasses sent our staff to MIDO to investigate the show and report on the trends that will be hitting the high street throughout 2015 with a specific eye on all things sunglasses!

mirrored sunglasses are hot for 2015

Mirrored Sunglasses

A huge swing towards mirrored lens sunglasses is ever present and not just in the displays of the top exhibitors. Mirrored lenses are prominent throughout Milan and none more-so than when walking about and about Italy's cafe's and bars. Brightly coloured frames with contrasting mirrored lenses are abundant and far reaching throughout all age groups. Ray-Ban and Carrera sunglasses remain the most popular brands worn around the streets yet the show gave us an indication that mainstream brands such as Bvlgari, Dior, Chanel and Tiffany are all releasing a range of mirrored lenses. This shift in colour and lens finish will no doubt attract a new, younger client for these brands as the classic dark sunglass gives way to something fun and fresh.

big brands such as persol at mido 2015

Sunglass Big Brand Hitters

Market leading sunglass brands such as Persol and Ray-Ban have also seen a change. Persol have now launched a new hinge design that steps away from their traditional hinge formation. The brand has retained the patented Meflecto system which uses cylinders to increase temple flexibility and maximise comfort and fit. Our favourite new Persol model is reminiscent to the Ray-Ban clubmaster design, yet slightly wider. In contrast Ray-Ban have kept the designs similar but expanded the range of their core models by introducing new plastic finishes and colours. This is a clear step towards bold colouring with a range of flash mirrors.

new sunglasses designs on show at mido 2015

Flat and Fierce Sunglass Frames

Amongst the new comers to the show we found this gem of a frame, bursting in retro chic and sporting a flat facia design with bold studded hinge points. The key-hole nose design is fiercely competitive and will suit a wide range of face shapes. A classic shape that suits the model in the image perfectly, the design features a sweeping top that pulls the heart shaped face together and balances the face perfectly.

new manufacturing methods displayed in mido 2015

Goggles for Gamers

With the skiing season coming to an end the industry get set to place their winter 2015/2016 orders and there were plenty of brands and models to choose from. New ski technology includes built-in optical cameras that are lighter and with higher video quality than previously seen. Expanded peripheral vision lenses and quick change lens technology previously seen in Oakley goggles only, such as the Oakley Airbrake ski goggle. Mirrored lenses remain popular throughout the designs on show but the main interest is with the manufacturing advancements as new technology allows frames to be moulded in a single shift with more lens holds than previously thought possible. Great for increased lens rigidity benefiting the wearer with a lens that distorts less during use.

on trend sunglasses for 2015

Colour blends

The introduction of bold colours and flash lenses was large in 2014 and looking to remain strong well into next year's sunglass trends however the range of mixed colours grabbed our attention. Both frames and sunglasses saw an increased level of two toned patterns with rims and panels being decorated with stark contrasting colour combinations. Patterns and ridges are huge in 2015 apparel so it was no wonder we saw a large number of colourful patterns on sunglasses ranging from spots to bold zigzag effects.

haute couture sunglasses on display at mido 2015

Haute Couture Sunglasses

The range of Haute Couture frames is ever present and we particularly enjoyed this daring crystal mask wrap. The acetate frame was superbly constructed and crafted to the highest specification but it was the sheer joy that the wearer would enjoy when pairing these with the latest ensemble that made these stand out from the crowd. We particularly liked the yellow crystal frame as these would change and adapt to skin tones and light conditions as the frame was wafer thin. Superb fun bordering on seriously cool!

    Persol 2988 Sunglasses

    Persol 2988 Sunglasses

    Persol featured strongly in MIDO 2015, the new hinge technology provides a comfortable fit that adapts to the width of the wearers head through patented technology.

    Marc Jacobs 315 Sunglasses

    Marc Jacobs 315 Sunglasses

    Marc Jacobs have a superb collection that are seriously on trend, the collection includes contrasting colours, patterns and even flash mirrored lenses.

    Carrera 5003 Sunglasses

    Carrera 5003 Sunglasses

    Carrera are hugely popular in Italy and the reflective mirrored lenses in the brightly coloured range are a sure fire hit! Bang on trend eyewear at a very reasonable price point.

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