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Whether you're into skiing, watersports or motorcross, choose from a huge selection of designer goggles that will protect your eyes from liquids, dirt and UV rays.

With top brands including Oakley and Dragon and with some of the most competitive prices online, we also offer free delivery within 2-3 working days for customers in the UK and Northern Ireland.

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02 XL

How to choose the best ski goggles for you guide


FIT: Fits a standard medium to large adult face


Lens Material: Made from Lexan, a material which provides 100% protection against ambient UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light - just about the very best UV protection available!

Lens Size: The design allows for an expanded lens which optimises peripheral vision. Enjoying a greater peripheral view through your lens is especially important when skiing as you can see on-coming obstacles or other skiers approaching which allows you a greater time duration to alter your course for a safer route.

Lens Coating: The lens has a dual-vented F2 anti-fog coating which prevents the lens from fogging or misting-up when you most need a clear view!

Glare Reduction: Supplied with an iridium coating on the lens which reduces the suns glare.

Impact Resistance: Conforming to EN 174:2001 and ANSI Z87.1 standards the lens is capable of protecting your face (anything behind the lens) from incoming debris. This is especially important for off-piste skiing as the branches of trees are a often sharp and dangerous if hit and protecting your vision is paramount.


Frame Material: The Oakley frame chassis is made from O Matter, a material that conforms to your face comfortably and will do so even in extreme cold. This prevents the frame from becoming brittle in the cold and therefore protecting against the frame from snapping easily when cold.

Helmet Compatible: The low-profile design increases visibility and will fit a larger range of ski helmets easily.

Large Strap Size: The oversized strap is 50mm wide and has a silicone lining to increase stability and prevent the strap from slipping when placed over a helmet or head wear.

Frame Lining: A triple-layer of polar fleece provides all day comfort as the frame sits comfortably on your face whilst moisture via sweat is wicked away from your face.


A superb new addition to the Oakley ski goggles range. The Oakley 02 XL is excellent value for money when compared to other brands that offer similar visibility and levels of comfort. We particularly like the wide strap for comfort and the goggles feel great when wearing. Highly recommended for the price point, perfect for anyone purchasing their first pair of quality ski goggles that want to look great on the slopes but have the knowledge and knowhow that come with a top of the range manufacturer.

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