By John Smith, Published January 23, 2015

Get the Mono Look

Understanding how to pair your sunglasses with the latest catwalk fashion is not always as easy as it seems. Take the 2014 Autumn and Winter collections from Etro and Salvatore Ferragamo, bold patterns and stand-out stripes are notoriously hard to pair and often require a pair of sunglasses for each outfit. If you are like the majority of us and do not have a plethora of designer sunglasses at your disposal, you need to look for an alternative look to get the most from your eyewear.

Berluti, Tom Ford and Costume National all showcased black rollnecks for 2015 and these fit in perfect with our recommended look for this winter, namely the mono look. An easy-to-wear trend that has seen the likes of Dior Homme and Les Hommes mixing up materials to give texture to an almost all black outfit. The trend is to have at least one monochromatic pattern such as an overcoat or outer garment like a scarf, so the addition of a pair of on-trend Nuvola sunglasses from Serengeti is a perfect pairing.

These streamlined frames offer a clean look that will add a texture through the high gloss black frame and lens whilst your eyes enjoy cutting edge ophthalmic technology via a polarized filter to relieve your eyes from harsh reflective light and a photochromatic filter that adapts the darkness of your tint to match UV levels. A superb product and fashion trend match that is easily obtained at minimal cost.

Editors pick for men: Nuvola by Serengeti

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