By John Smith, Published February 25, 2015

Embrace your eyes decline with style and sophistication

As you age gracefully the inevitable may happen, you'll probably need glasses. But fear not, the stigma of being a 'specky-four eyes' is left well in the past and you can now embrace your eyes decline with style and sophistication. This really is an opportunity to add some style to your mug-shot but tread carefully, there are many variations, colours and styles to chose from and getting this wrong will mean expense and misery whereas the correct style will ensure you look sharp and bang on trend.

Start by reading our face shape guide to understand the shape of glasses you need and then match the colour to your hair and skin tone. In this article we are going to look at angular shaped black acetate frames from Ray-Ban, perfect for those with a round face.

As angular shapes suit round -faces you simply need to judge the size of your face against the width of the frame, the rule is simple, opt for a frame that has lenses that are wider than they are deep. This way the style of frame will offset the round shape of your face, as in the featured Ray-Ban frames pictured in this article. Ray-Ban frames are super cool currently and the classic style is set to be on trend for many years to come so it's funds well spent and a sure-fire way to embrace the need for glasses.

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