By John Smith, Published January 23, 2015

Putting Your Wardrobe in Order

Here at Discounted Sunglasses we hear the following statement often 'sunglasses are a fashion statement, they are overpriced and not worth the money' which is galling because the health benefits of wearing decent eyewear is substantial . Granted, the cost of certain designer branded sunglasses are very high, especially when you compare the fundamental requirements of a sunglass, namely to protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays. Brand-to-brand this doesn't stack up as the price can double, treble or much more yet the level of protection remains the same - or does it?

Let's look at the dangers of association. Sunglasses are without doubt a fashion statement, designer labels create eyewear to accessories their clothing ranges yet the practicalities of eyewear remain a constant. Sunglasses have to block at least 70% of UVB and 60% of UVA rays. A standard is set for manufacturers to work towards so does this mean cheaper brands are as good in terms of UV protection as more expensive brands? The answer to this is undoubtedly yes, there are cheaper brands that boast lens quality that blocks 100% of UV rays, however these brands are less desirable compared to the leading fashion brands.

This association between fashion and functional eyewear remains a constant risk to many as the choice between style over substance still sits firmly in the fashion camp. Those who aspire to a brand will shun a cheaper brand that have quality lenses in favour of counterfeit eyewear designed to replicate popular styles and brands. The dangers associated with replica eyewear is as basic as they are cheaper; put a tinted lens in front of your eye and the pupil will expand to let in more light, only you are now increasing the level of UV damage as replica sunglasses have no UV protection. A crazy risk when you consider UV damage to your eyes is irreversible.

There are brands on the Discounted Sunglasses website such as Bolle, CK and Nike that cost less than a couple of beers in the pub with friends. These brands are desirable, fashionable and most importantly, have 100% UV protection - a worthy buy that will protect your eyes for many years to come!

Editors pick for men: Nuvola by Serengeti