Cutting the Cost of Prescription Glasses

By John Smith, Published June 03, 2014

Cutting the cost of prescripton glasses by Discounted sunglasses

New websites pop up daily promising cheap designer frames with free prescription lenses but unless you know how to complete their complicated eye test forms you may well end up with a costly pair of frames that are unusable. For a simpler and cost effective way, read on...

1. The Wrong Way

Once armed with your prescription you can navigate your way through the drop down menus on websites that promise free or cheap lenses. As long as you mark the left and right measurements correctly the forms flow relatively easily until you get to your PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement which does not appear on your prescription, this is where guess work causes costly errors. Websites provide tools to allow you to take accurate measurements of your own pupil distance but these tools, typically a printed ruler, are easy to get wrong and when millimetres (mm) can be the difference from a useable lens and not. Unless you have your PD measurement and are 100% confident filling in the online forms we recommend you avoid this process.

2. The Right Way

Buy your designer frame at a huge discount from a trusted online retailer such as Discounted Sunglasses, take the frame with you and ask your opticians to put your prescription lenses into your frame. Opticians are business owners and they look to make their profit on the mark-up of frame sales and the mark-up of the lenses, so as long as they get the profit from the lenses they will process the prescription and fit these free of charge into your new frame. Result!

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