Winter Love Island Sunglasses 2020

By Georgia West, Published January 8, 2020, updated January 20, 2020

Love Island goes to South Africa! Not only are we welcoming a new series, a new time of year but also, a new villa. This guide is the place to be to find out who wore what sunglasses in the villa.

So this guide is what it is. A guide to all the sunglasses worn by all the bevs and melts who are spending the beginning of 2020 laying it on factor 50 thick and getting pied for grafting so badly. You never know, your head might be turned for one of these pairs that you are more than happy to prove you are loyal to. Babe. Enough of the cliches, it’s time to crack on.

Check them out the whole batch of Love Island Sunglasses on our Love Island Sunglasses brand page.

Paige Turley Love Island Sunglasses

Paige Turley has come to this series with a bigger background than most. She is reportedly the reason behind the biggest song of 2019. The hit single “Someone You Loved” is all about her apparently. But now she is on the hunt for someone she loves in the South African Villa.

The ex Britains Got Talent contestant sports Gucci 0061s Sunglasses in a true Gucci green and red colour. These are a style we’ve loved for a long time and cannot wait to see more of them as she goes through her Love Island journey.

In addition, Paige has shown off the official Love Island Polaroid Round sunglasses too. We’ve spotted her wearing these around the pool soaking up the South African sun. A long way off from Scottish weather.

Connor Durman Love Island Sunglasses

Connor Durman is easily recognisable for his teeth. Those pearly whites really shine through on the screen. Starting with a battle with Connagh with a G over Sophie has really cemented him as a featured Islander in this January’s Love Island.

“Little Connor” is seen wearing some transparent sunglasses, which we’re pretty sure aren’t designer. Yet, he has worn a pair of Ray-Ban Octagonal sunglasses. These are a branded version of those worn by Sophie. Coincidence?

Finley Tapp Love Island Sunglasses

Finley has slid into the villa and fit in really well. Coupling up with Paige and allowing Connagh with a G to take all the attention. A smooth move worthy of a knee sliding celebration. The Oxford City player is a long way from the Conference South, now aiming to play in the big leagues.

Tapp, the Oxford defender has been stylishly defending his eyes. We’re so happy to see him sporting some Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. The style is a go-to for many islanders over the years and this year Finn has taken the lead.

Callum Jones Love Island Sunglasses

Manchester scaffolder, Callum Jones has really made an impact in South Africa. His northern charm and funny comments have made him an early fan favourite. His accent and looks may remind some viewers of certain Coronation Street characters, but there’s no denying, he is good for tv.

Callum has been spotted wearing a couple of Official Love Island Polaroid Sunglasses. First, we saw him in a pair of Polaroid Oval sunglasses. But most recently, perched on his head while making Shaughna breakfast, a pair of Polaroid 6076.

Mike Boateng Love Island Sunglasses

London Police officer, Mike Boateng. Opinionated, has his eye on the prize (in his case, Leanne) and a smooth talker. He looks as if he is assuming the role of Dad of the group. At 24, that’s a testament to his level headedness.

So far, Mike hasn’t really worn sunglasses. As others donned some shades, he’s often seen letting his piercing eyes glisten in the South African sun. However, we spotted him wearing Official Polaroid Oval sunglasses.