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It’s always tough making that cold weather wardrobe transition and having to cover up with heavy winter warmers. But fret not! With the addition of a few accessories you can funk up any winter outfit. Try some of these favourites for instant seasonal glamour.

Winter Cape

This might sound like a slightly medieval accessory and you may be inclined to think Lord of the Rings; but instead, turn your mind to Milan Fashion Week. Capes are back this winter, from faux-fur trim to woollen blend, you can’t go wrong with a touch of Little Red Riding Hood to your favourite winter outfit to add a hint of renaissance glamour.

Knitted Head Warmer

Gone are the days of hats that swamp your whole head and give you hair like knotted straw! Try opting for a knitted headband. Wrapped around chilly winter ears, this’ll keep the heat where it needs to be whilst looking simply adorable.

Woolly Winter Jumper

At this time of year, you’ve probably only just got over your much loved elderly relatives trying to force you into unflattering hand-knitted monstrosities covered in buck-legged reindeer and garishly garnished Christmas trees. However, you shouldn’t let these terrible memories stop you from investing in one of this winter’s cosiest trends. Giant jumpers sportingchecks & stripes and knitted patterns are huge this winter, so wriggle into a technicolour woollen creation and enjoy!

The Snood

Fashion bloggers are going nuts over the ‘infinity scarf’, which is a gorgeous – and practical – addition to any winter wardrobe. No more scarf ends to blow around in the wind. This knitted loop slides over the top of your head and voila! Effortless seasonal style.

Wellington Boots

The humble welly boot has undergone quite an image overhaul, and now it’s impossible to get practical footwear that doesn’t make you look like you’ve been spent your day stomping around on a building site. There are so many places that you can get a sweet, chic rubber boot and keep your tootsies dry and snug without ruining your favourite pair of leather boots. Even Jimmy Choo have jumped on the bandwagon! Team with chunky socks and some snug leggings and you’ll be toasty and fabulous all season long!

Eye Candy

Just because the sky is turning grey, it doesn’t mean that the sun won’t make an appearance from time-to-time, so don’t abandon UVA protection for your peepers. If you’ve got the cash to spend it’s worth investing in a good pair of sunnies. A good pair will last you forever and by choosing a pair that suits your face shape, you guarantee an accessory that’ll fit in with any look, for any season. Sunglasses are a guaranteed way to add effortless cool to any casual outfit.

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