Sunglasses of the Month: November 2018 - Serengeti Positano Sunglasses

Why We Love Them

This months Sunglasses of the month are Serengeti Positano. We have chosen these for many reasons. One, the look. Two, the wearablity. Three, driving. These Serengeti Positano sunglasses are a great shape and design. The rectangular shape ensures many face shapes are flattered. The design ensures they won't go out of style. These sunglasses are almost a cool retro style, one that rivals the Oakley Holbrook shape. Then, the driving lens ensures a comfortable experience in the bright harsh sun we experience in this time of year. Overall we can't fault these sunglasses one bit. We would recommend these to be your Autumn/Winter companion.

The Basics

Model: Serengeti Positano

Lens Colour: Drivers Brown Polarized

Frame Colour: Shiny Black

Frame Material: Nylon TR90

Lens Material: Mineral Lens

Lens Size: 56 x 42 x 62mm

Bridge Size: 16mm

Temple Length: 135mm

The Frame

As mentioned in the basics above, the frame is a Nylon TR90 frame. But what on earth is that?! Well, in short, it is Serengeti's impressive Nylon frame. And it has bags of positives. For general day to day, the frame is scratch and impact resistant. Therefore it should withstand the everyday battles eyewear is put through. In addition, due to the nature of the material it is very durable. Furthermore, the frame is light. This is due to the Nylon TR90 material. This provides a more comfortable fit. Having a light frame releases pressure on the head. And since we recommend these for driving, the Positano will sit on the face for prolonged wears. Such as taking long drives. A hidden feature on the frame is the hidden spring hinges. This just adds to the design. A sleek constant design is present and not interrupted by hinges. The spring hing will trigger into position. This is easier when trying to put on sunglasses when driving.

The Lens

Just like the frame, the lens has a name we aren't used to in day to day life. Mineral. The mineral lens is one of the best in the industry. Just like the frame, it is scratch and impact resistant. But, in addition, the lens withstands extreme weather temperature changes. Just in case your lifestyle takes you into these conditions. Couple this with the weightlessness and thin design these are ready for anything. Due to being 20% thinner and lighter than any lens, they enhance the comfort of the overall product. Not only do these lenses boast the best possible clarity in the industry but also boast a couple of cool tech features. The front and back of the lens are coated in an anti reflective coating. This repels light from being reflected in the lens. This is a cause of eye fatigue and headaches. Two things you don't want while driving. In Addition the lens is photochromic. Just like all lenses in Serengeti sunglasses. This changes the darkness of the lens depending on the intensity of the light. Perfect for changing lighting conditions while driving. You can drive and see the road ahead clearly without having to take off and put on a pair of sunglasses.