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The Ultimate Guide to: Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sizes

No doubt you’re here after thinking, “I’d love a pair of those Wayfarers” and then seeing there are different sizes. Who knew? Sunglasses are usually just one size. You walk into a shop and you put them on your face. It isn’t like going to a clothes shop where you sift through the different sizes on the rail to try on. 

Well, as you’re well aware, Ray-Ban Wayfarer sizes are a thing. And, as much as we’d love to say that it doesn’t make that much of a difference, it really does. Especially on the New Wayfarer where the size changes the whole look of the sunglasses.

We’re here to try to help you out as much as possible with the pesky sizes of Wayfarers. We’ll also look at the sizing of the New Wayfarer. This is, The Ultimate Guide to Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sizes, and you won’t need another one.  

What the Sizes Mean

First of all, let's go through what the sizes actually are. The numbers are usually presented on websites as a number, like 54. But what on earth does that mean? 

In short, the numbers are all measurements in millimetres (mm). It is the width of the lens. It isn’t the height or the size diagonally like it is commonly mistaken for. Therefore, the bigger the number, the bigger the lens and the bigger the sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer lens measurement

If you’re looking at a pair in person, say in a shop, you can see the size by looking at the code on the inside left arm (temple). This is split up in different sections. For a Ray-Ban Wayfarer, you’ll see 2140 as the first 4 numbers, the New Wayfarer will be 2132. This is the model code. 

Next, you will get a bunch of numbers and possibly letters. This may be 601/71. This is the colour of the frame and lens. 

You’ll then get the size of the lens, usually a number between 52 and 58 for adult sizes. 

Note, if you’re looking at a Wayfarer style like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Blaze 4440N, you won’t have a lens size as they come in one standard size. Therefore, the lens size won’t be printed on the inside of the arm. 

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sizes

The Original Wayfarer has 2 sizes. 50 and 54. This is 50mm width and a 54mm lens width. As a general rule of thumb, the 50 is a standard fit, and will fit most faces. The 54mm is a large fit and caters for those with a larger face.

There is a 47 size for the Wayfarer. This is very rare to find and is usually sold by special request. As you can probably guess already, this is a small size and fits the smallest of adult faces. If you’re unsure on your size, we would say go with the 50 and see how that fits first. If you’re used to just being able to pop any pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses on your face, then the 50 will fit 9 times out of 10. 

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sizes

The New Wayfarer is, as the name suggests, the newer, younger brother of the Wayfarer. It looks similar but has a more modern feel and approach. Mainly, the traditional tilt is less. It also boasts more sizes than its older brother. 

The biggest thing to note when buying a different size in a New Wayfarer is the design change over the sizes. What we mean by that is, the bigger the size, the less tilt in the lens. So, from the smallest size 52 (52mm width lens) you get a shorter lens. One more reminiscent of the Original 2140. But more importantly, you get more of a tilt too. 

The bigger the lenses the less they tilt. They slightly start evolving into a Justin style lens too. Which, on a side note, is a huge seller. If you’re looking at a New Wayfarer, give the Justin a look too. 

The Three Ray-Ban Wayfarer sizes are 52, 55 and 58. 55 is a standard fit and will fit most faces. 58 is much larger. Finally, the size 52 is the smallest size available. This is for those smaller faces. 

The images below show the comparisons between the 3 sizes for a better reference.

Size 52mm:

Male Model wearing 52mm Ray-Ban Wayfarer Size

Size 55mm:

Male Model wearing 55mm Ray-Ban Wayfarer Size

Size 58mm:

Male Model wearing 58mm Ray-Ban Wayfarer Size

All Wayfarer variation sizes

Wayfarer sunglasses come in many shapes and sizes. Also, they come in many, many colours. Since there are so many different takes on the Wayfarer, all with their own sizes, we have listed all the available sizes that you can choose from*.

Model: Original Wayfarer 2140

Small:47mm (rare to find) 



Ray-Ban Wayfarer for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Size Guide

Model: New Wayfarer 2132




Ray-Ban New Wayfarer for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sizes Guide

Model: New Wayfarer Colour Mix




Ray-Ban Wayfarer Colour Mix for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sizes Guide

Model: Folding Wayfarer




Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Size Guide

Model: Wayfarer II




Ray-Ban Wayfarer II for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sizes Guide

Model: Wayfarer Ease




Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ease for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sizes Guide

Model: Wayfarer Double Bridge




Ray-Ban Wayfarer Double Bridge for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Size Guide

Model: Wayfarer Bicolour




Ray-Ban Wayfarer Bicolour for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sizes Guide

Model: New Wayfarer Bicolour




Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Bicolour for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sizes Guide

Model: Wayfarer Liteforce

Small: n/a



Ray-Ban Wayfarer Liteforce for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Size Guide

Model: Blaze Wayfarer




Ray-Ban Wayfarer Blaze for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sizes Guide

What size Wayfarer should you choose? 

Now you know what size is a standard, large or even a small you might still be wondering, “what size wayfarer do I need?”. Well, that is where a bank card comes in handy. No, not to pay someone to measure your face. But instead as a guide. Bank cards are a standard size so this handy trick is pretty full-proof.

Firstly, pull out that bank card, or a loyalty card will do the job too. Stand in front of a mirror, set up your phone to act like one, or ask a friend or family member to give you a helping hand.

Credit card icon for measuring Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sizes

Next place the corner of your card on the middle of your nose. Orientate it portrait rather than landscape.(Make sure the long edge is pointing towards your chin and the short edge towards your ear.) 

measuring Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sizes image. Credit card in the middle of the nose across the eye.

Now take note where the edge of the card finishes.

Taking note of where a credit card finished near the eye when measuring Ray-Ban Wayfarer sizes

If it finishes near the corner of your eye, you should choose a standard fit. (1)

If it finishes past the corner of your eye, you should choose a small fit. (2)

If it doesn’t reach the end of your eye, you should choose a large fit. (3)

If none of that makes sense/you can’t get it quite right/your friend or family member ran off with your card to buy something online instead of helping, you can always take advantage of our free UK returns policy. This allows you to get the size you think is right, or all the sizes. Then return those that don’t fit for a full refund. If you want to use Klarna, you can do the whole process free of charge! 


In summary, an Original Wayfarer comes in sizes 47mm, 50mm and 54mm. 47 being the smallest, and rarest to find. 50mm is the standard fit and will fit most adults perfectly. 54mm is the largest size available. 

A New Wayfarer comes in three sizes. 52mm, 55mm, 58mm. 52mm is the smallest and the lens “tilts” the most. 55mm is the standard fit and will fit most adults just fine. Finally the 58mm lens is the largest size that you can buy. 

At Discounted Sunglasses we offer a free UK returns policy. So if you buy a pair and the size isn’t quite right, you can send them back to us free of charge and get a full refund. So, why not check out our range of Ray-Ban Wayfarers now you have more idea what size you might need? 

*All sizes correct at time of writing. All sizes are from Ray-Ban’s official site.