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Oakley Latch Alpha Sunglasses - Sunglasses of the Month: February 2019

Why We Love Them

Here at Discounted Sunglasses, we think it is hard to hate the Oakley Latch Alpha Sunglasses. For one, they're pretty new to market. And that for one is exciting. Secondly, they're packed with Oakley technology that the brand prides itself on. And finally, it is the newest installment to the Latch family. The Oakley Latch really surprised us when released. Since then, the Latch continues to surprise us. We love the little mechanism that allows the sunglasses to be clipped to a t-shirt, and the never ending way Oakley refresh the style to keep them contemporary. The design originally was stylish, and still is. However, it seems round is cool, but hexagonal, and geometric shapes are the new kid on the block. Therefore the Latch Alpha ditches the round and adopts hexagonal. Following the same suit at the Oakley Diecutter and new Ray-Ban 7151 Glasses.

The Basics 

Model: Oakley Latch Alpha

Lens Colour: Prizm Grey

Frame Colour: Matte Black

Frame Material: Aluminium Front and Unobtainium Temples

Lens Size: 53mm

Bridge Size: 19mm

Temple Length: 142mm

Our Key Takeaways

Now to look a little deeper at the sunglasses. As they're Oakley sunglasses, they have a little more technology than the average fashion sunglass. Like the lens for example. The Plutonite lens (a name Oakley give to their very strong, optically clear and durable lenses) comes in a range of colors. This includes Prizm lenses, the lenses that are the result of many years of research. A Prizm lens offers use in the widest range of lighting conditions and offers huge color enhancements and contrast. Perfect if you use your Latch Alpha sunglasses for an active lifestyle. In addition, the temples are something we haven't seen before. Completely Unobtainium. Unobtainium is Oakley's magic material that increases grip when wet, even from sweating. Usually temples have a thin layer of Unobtainium on them to help fit. But on the Alpha, the whole temple is Unobtainium! So, they'll be light and durable too. Match this with the classic Three Point fit, which allows the frame to only topuch 3 areas of the face and these should be some of the most comfortable sunglasses you've worn. 

The biggest feature we love is the silicon nose-pads. Sounds quite dull, but the Latch sunglasses before the Alpha all have nose pads that are in the frame. However, these come down from Nose-pad arms and are fully adjustable. This allows for a great optical fit, slightly away from the face, and appeals to those who love nose-pads. 

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