Love Island Sunglasses 2019

By Georgia West, Published June 21, 2019

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Within the weeks the Islander’s find love inside the Love Island Villa, we fall in love with them. There is always the guarantee of laughter and frustration. Seeing great couplings go sour and bad ones turn out great! Not to forget quotes and sayings that soon roll off our tongues. But, we have to be true to ourself and look at some of the sunglasses worn in the Villa so far.

We run down alphabetically, each pair of sunglasses we’ve spotted coupled up with an Islander. You never know, these could be your type on paper too!

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Anna Vakili Love Island Sunglasses 2019

The pharmacist come plus size model Anna is an important figure in the make up of the Villa. Anna is a day dot contestant and has a strong friendship with most of the others too. Her loyalty has been shown perfectly in her “girls girl” priority to friendships.

Anna is wearing shield style Tom Ford sunglasses. But in addition, she is also wearing Polaroid 2053 Sunglasses. These are part of the official Love Island 2019 Sunglasses range. These cool round sunglasses come in many colours. However, Anna wears the black style. This matches her dark hair perfectly.

Anton Danyluk Love Island Sunglasses 2019

Anton. The little Scotty. He doesn’t fail to make those in the villa and back home laugh. He says it how it is and jokes wonderfully. At the moment it looks as though he is the Beast that Belle is looking for. The Gym owning 23 year old is yet another contestant who’s still going since day one!

Anton has a couple of sunglasses he likes to wear on the show. One being the Ray-Ban 3530. That’s the rectangular pair you see him in. He also goes with a pair of Ray-Ban 3447 Round Metal sunglasses. These are the round looking Ray-Ban sunglasses. But he also sports a pair of Polaroid P4139 as part of the official Love Island 2019 sunglasses collection. These are the aviators he wears.

Belle Hassan Love Island Sunglasses 2019

It isn’t easy being a newcomer to the Villa. But Belle seems to have taken to it like a duck to water. Her relationship with Anton is slowly getting back on track. Which for Anton’s sake is great, after reports of her father, Tamer, threatened to enter the Villa if he broke her heart.

Belle has only really been seen wearing one pair. The same pair she shared with Jourdan who entered the Villa at the same time. These are the Gucci 0062s Aviator sunglasses. These are beautiful, showing off contrasting colours on the rims. Belle opts for the traditional Gucci red and green colours.

Callum Macleod Love Island Sunglasses 2019

Callum started his journey so promisingly. Walking down to say hello to Caroline Flack. The only male to do so. Coupling up with Amber as a result of his gentlemanly gesture. Only to be torn limb from limb by the Geordie about his sunglasses. What a shame, because we love his choices!

It almost seems as if Callum has more pairs of sunglasses than he spent weeks in the Villa. The pair he wore when Amber roasted him about not suiting sunglasses were Ray-Ban Fleck. These are a beautiful round pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. He also sported a pair of Ray-Ban Hexagonal sunglasses with a brown gradient too. All, suiting him perfectly.

Curtis Pritchard Love Island Sunglasses 2019

Curtis, the professional ballroom dancer. Formerly the Dad of the Villa. Formerly strongly coupled up with Amy. However, we think he would be best suited to Tommy. Curtis brings a sense of calm to the villa. But also, a huge personality and some great TV moments.

Curtis is a huge fan of round sunglasses it seems. During this series, Curtis has been seen wearing Polaroid 2053 sunglasses. That’s the ones with the orange lenses. But also mainly his Oakley Latch sunglasses. These are packed with features to make them comfortable to wear. So no doubt he loves to wear them!

Danny Williams Love Island Sunglasses 2019

The curse of Danny came to fruition when he left with Jourdan. Almost every other half were booted off the show when coupled with Danny. However, his northern charm was welcome in the Villa. Most notably when dueling with imaginary Harry Potter wands. Thus sending Tommy flying backwards into the pool from a powerful expelliarmus.

Danny changed up his sunglasses look. From the Official Love Island Sunglasses 2019 of Polaroid 2053 to Tom Ford Jarad sunglasses. The model from Hull really suits the Tom Ford Jarad. Showing off the trademark T on the sunglasses perfectly on the show.

Joe Garrett Love Island Sunglasses 2019

Joe was caught up in a love triangle and some backlash from some fans. But the sandwich business owner did well in fighting off a professional boxer. Albeit no punches were thrown. Joe’s exit was emotional and also meant we couldn’t see more of his eyewear collection that started to make more and more of an appearance.

Firstly Joe’s go to sunglasses were the Ray-Ban Hexagonal sunglasses. He did sport some Ray-Ban Round too, but we’re sure he borrowed them from Anton. His other pair came out towards the end of his time. These were the Tom Ford Dimitry. A really bold statement pair of sunglasses that we would’ve loved to have more air time.

Marvin Brooks Love Island Sunglasses 2019

Marvin. Where to start? His time was short. He survived Casa Amor, then immediately was out of favour. And, not sure about you, but we can’t think of his name without it being said in Maura’s thick Irish accent. Plus, he’s missing a lot of pre-season training due to Love Island. His gaffer mustn’t be happy.

Marvin wore a pair of Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses. These were his go to style. And it seems to be the go to style for many this year. In and outside of the Villa too! The Professional Footballer matched the dark G-15 lens of the Ray-Ban sunglases to match his dark hair and facial hair.

Maura Higgins Love Island Sunglasses 2019

The life of the Villa. The savior of the series. Maura brings it all to the villa for the viewer. And a shock coupling with Curtis, there is no guessing what she will do or say. And we LOVE it! She’s probably tried to get to know more boys than we’ve had hot dinners since the 2019 series started. But now she looks as if her luck is in, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Maura isn’t really seen wearing sunglasses much. But when she does, it is a pair of Tom-Ford Carola sunglasses. These are usually switched up with a pair of Aviator Polaroid sunglasses just like the pair Anton wears.

Ovie Soko Love Island Sunglasses 2019

MESSAGE! Ovie is the person we didn’t know that we need. The gift that keeps on giving. He comes in all quiet and unassuming through Casa Amor. Then, blossoms into one of the funniest contestants ever. Not only that, but he shows off some great sunglasses! He’s made a slam dunking impression on us, that’s for sure.

The professional basketball player wears a range of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Firstly, we saw his Ray-Ban 3025 Sunglasses with yellow Evolve lenses. Now we see him wearing Ray-Ban Colonel sunglasses too!

Tom Walker Love Island Sunglasses 2019

Tom. Poor Tom. It all looked so good. Then he said the wrong thing at the wrong time. His time was short, but left a strong impression. Mostly for how much he could get Maura really riled up. The Leeds model, soon found himself being dumped from the Island.

Tom wore some of our favourite sunglasses in the Villa. His choice were the Persol 714. These stylish aviators are more than just that. They fold too! Yep. A great way to carry around your sunglasses, as they fold small enough to fit into your pocket.