How to Choose Driving Sunglasses for Autumn and Winter

The summer is over. The nights are drawing in and the weather is a little less bearable. However, sunglasses shouldn't be hidden in a drawer until spring. It might not feel like it, but the sun is always present. And when driving it is often blinding and uncomfortable. We run down what to look for to make driving easier and more comfortable by choosing the right driving sunglasses for autumn and winter.

Autumn and Winter Driving Issues

Even those of us that have decades of driving experience still experience issues while driving in the Autumn and Winter months. The sun rises and sets at times we commute to work, causing strong sunlight to course through the windscreen into our eyes. Alternatively, on our days off, when we are more likely to be driving, the sun sits lower. Still blasting powerfully into the car. You will have experienced this at some point and know how off putting and uncomfortable this is. And it isn't helped by the weather. Dew/moisture or rain on a cold morning aids glare (the reflection of the sun off flat and/or shiny surfaces). You experience this when the light bounces from the road. Thus resulting in a blinding amount of light. You may experience this more in snowy conditions.

All of the factors above are uncomfortable to look into. If you're a passenger, great, you can look down and keep your focus in the car. But as a driver it is hard to keep focus, constantly wanting to pull your focus away from the light. Looking into this glaring light for prolonged periods aids eye fatigue. This is where the eye works double time to create a clear focused image for you to see. This, after time, makes the eyes tired and in some cases leads to headaches. Not ideal while driving. And the last thing you want after a long day at work. So you pull down the sun visor to try and help. However the reflection from the road and sometimes your dashboard isn't stopped by the sun visor. Instead you are squinting. Not really cutting out the light, but just encouraging wrinkles to form.

How to Fight the Issues

These issues are easily avoidable. The right pair of driving sunglasses for autumn and winter will enhance your driving experience. There are a few things to take note on getting the best pair. The lens colour, its technology and a light lens. All three factors will help to ensure a more comfortable drive in the bright sun.

Lens Colour

The lens colour is more important than you think. We recommend an amber lens colour. Why? Well, it helps reds, greens and yellows to pop in all environments. So even if it is raining, snowing or just really bright, colours are still sharp. You therefore are able to distinguish the road ahead clearer. Being able to distinguish colours easier and make out objects reduces the eyes work rate. Therefore the eye doesn't fatigue as easy and you feel a lot better than you would have. This is compared to squinting through glaring white light. On those brighter days a gold mirrored lens further enhances the above. The mirror pushes away more reflected light and adds a little more protection.

Lens Technology

Some prefer a polarized lens. This is a lens that has a coating with vertical strips. These vertical strips don't allow horizontal light to pass through. The horizontal light is the main cause of the uncomfortable bright light. Therefore cutting through the glare like a hot knife through butter. The only problem some find with polarized lenses is the issues with looking at in car instruments. LED displays are obscured when looking through a polarized lens. Sometimes the display isn't visible, partially missing or has a wash of colour that obscures the display. Not ideal when trying to check a Sat Nav. However this is completely down to personal taste. Alternatively a gradient lens is ideal. This lens technology allows the right amount of light to pass at all parts of the gradient. Therefore receiving protection from the harsh glare but allowing you to flick your focus down to look at in car instruments.

For this time of year photochromic lenses are very useful. Especially if you are from the UK reading this. We all know too well how temperamental the weather can be. Furthermore, we know how much the sun loves to play peek-a-boo behind the clouds. Constantly taking off and putting on sunglasses while driving is annoying, tricky and potentially dangerous. Therefore a photochromic lens eradicates the need for that. In the changing lighting conditions the lenses adapt. However, they won't darken as much as they would in the outdoors due to the windscreen blocking UV rays. The UV rays are the way the lenses know if to darken or not.

A Light Lens

Having a light lens just adds to the comfort of the product. It isn't a need and it isn't going to help you see better. However, it will make wearing your sunglasses for a long time easier. Especially if you aren't a glasses wearer and therefore aren't used to the prolonged feel of frames on your face.

What to Choose

We can't look past Serengeti Sunglasses for driving. They have dedicated lenses to over come the issues in the ways we mentioned above. The Serengeti Drivers® Lens is an amber lens that enhances colour and contrast. The Drivers® Gold adds a Mirrored Gold coating to the lens, adding more protection and helping to reveal more vibrant colors. Whereas, if you were looking for gradient lens, then the Drivers® Gradient lens is perfect. This is a lens that is specifically made for pilots and drivers to protect from sunlight and to be able to see dashboard instruments. In addition all these lenses are photochromatic and available in a polarized lens.

Furthermore, these Drivers® Lens choices are available with Serengeti's Mineral lens. This is a super light lens which is also thinner than most. Therefore shedding weight off the product for that comfortable feel we mentioned previously. In addition these lenses provide some of the most advanced clarity on the market. So your sunglasses are perfect for everyday not just driving. This is complimented by the vast choice of styles Serengeti has to offer. So there's a pair of Discounted Serengeti Sunglasses for you. A pair that will serve you well as your driving sunglasses for autumn and winter this year, and the next.