Anton Danyluk Love Island Sunglasses

By Georgia West, Published June 21, 2019

The Villa, the Islanders, Iain Stirling and the sunglasses. Three things we love about weekday evenings. This year hasn’t disappointed with the contestants and their choice of eyewear. This year Ray-Ban sunglasses are the choice for many. But non more than the Scottish gym owner, Anton Danyluk. We look at all the sunglases worn by Anton in Love Island 2019.

Anton Danyluk Love Island 2019

Anton Danyluk may come up short when stood against some others in the villa, but his personality makes up for it. And so does the size of his calves! The 24 year old gym owner is a huge character in the villa. He’s won hearts back home and fits in really well in the villa. Unfortunately, his ability to couple up with girls isn’t going well thus far. Previously a naked butler, Anton has a plethora of sunglasses in the villa. The official Polaroid sunglasses are in his collection. Anton has chosen to wear the aviator style provided by the brand. However, we see him wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses more.

Anton Danyluk Love Island Sunglasses

As said above, Anton loves a Ray-Ban. The first couple of episodes see’s him wearing Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 sunglasses. These really suit him due to the rectangle shape in his face. They also help to soften his strong jawline.

Recently, he tends to wear a Ray-Ban 3530. These rectangular shaped sunglasses really help with blocking out that Spanish sun in the villa. These are a style we didn’t really expect to see on Love Island. But, Anton really works these sunglasses.

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Polaroid P4139 Sunglasses


Ray-Ban Round Metal 3447 Sunglasses

Ray-Ban 3530 Sunglasses

Ray-Ban 3530 Sunglasses

If Anton’s Love Island Sunglasses are the ones for you, why not check out our Love Island brand page. Here we have all the styles worn so far this year by all the Islanders. We even have the Polaroid sunglasses seen on many of the Love Island contestants faces.