Sneak Peek - Moschino Sunglasses

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Sneak Peek - Moschino Sunglasses

Moschino Sunglasses

- Sneak Peek -

We take a look at a few highlights of our new Moschino Sunglasses collection. The brand is soon to hit the site, so we have picked a couple we cannot get enough of. And, if you cannot wait, get the chance to get your own before they're on our website here.

The Collection

Our new collection is the ever growing in popularity, Moschino. The brand recently branched out into H&M stores all over the world. And now, we have the brand coming to Discounted Sunglasses. From loud Moschino branded sunglasses to We Love Moschino designs, there is a wide choice available for all. If you are loud and proud about your fashion choices, or discreet and subtle, look no further. At affordable prices this collection is one of our most exciting new additions.

Our Top Picks

Our top two picks are the MO780s and MO0804 (the two photographed above). The MO780 features a cool, playful and bright rainbow design on the arms for the Moschino name. Alternatively the MO804 features a similar design. This model boasts the Moschino name in a metal design on the arms. We love the way these sunglasses show off the Moschino name. It really shouts the brands name in a cool and edgy way. In a time where Moschino is really gaining popularity, there is no better time to sport the brands name. Furthermore, both frames sport a light acetate material. This ensures a comfortable and light feel. Just like all the collection, these two highlights feature a strong and quality build. One you expect from Designer Sunglasses.


For the chance to bag yourself a pair of affordable Moschino Sunglasses before they hit our site sign yourself up here.



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