The Defining Features of Cult Icons

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The Defining Features of Cult Icons

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Marilyn Monroe had her curves, Mick Jagger has a giant mouth, and Oliver Hardy’s moustache can be recognised all by itself as an iconic cult symbol throughout the world, even years after his death. Here’s a fun look back at the defining features of pop culture icons, and the attributes that helped to establish their identities.

Elvis’ Hair

A vial of Elvis’ barnet was recently auctioned off in Beverley Hills for over $4000. His fancy pompadour ‘do was known and imitated all over the world (independently of him being underneath it.) It seems that no one has been able to wear such a style with the same level of pizzazz since, which is a shame because at parties it can be used as an excellent drinks shelf if you use the right amount of hairspray.

Julia Roberts’ Smile

We’re pretty sure Julia Roberts’ smile can be seen from space. Her teeth are unimaginably fantastic, and she has actually taken out an insurance policy on her impossibly perfect gob, to the tune of $30 million. Nowadays a human face can be rebuilt for that price, and you’d still probably have enough cash left over for an extra ear if you fancied it.

Adam Ant’s Stripe

It does sort of look like he might have just been lying in the road when the painters went over, but Adam Ant’s horizontal war paint stripe became an iconic symbol of the New Romantic image.His combination of a variety of styles created a modern twist on a classic look which came to define pop culture in the 80s.

The stripe is easy to imitate, which served to fuel its popularity. Get your friend to run past you at speed with a paintbrush full of white acrylic paint, in one extended hand from your right to your left side. And voila, you’re in fashion.

Madonna’s Gap

Apparently the slot between Madonna’s front teeth has inspired fans to approach their dentists about hammering a similar one between theirs. Madge has put a positive spin on the letterbox-like space between her two front-most gnashers, and good on her. An exception to the straight, white smiles of Hollywood achieved by highly paid cosmetic dentists, Madonna’s rogue change slot makes a refreshing break from Lego brick grins.

Salvador Dali’s Moustache

Dali was a try-hard oddball/artistic genius, depending entirely on your take on his highly broadcast public image. He once nearly suffocated after showing up to a lecture wearing a deep sea diving suit (presumably having forgotten he was still wearing it after a quick dip) and had to have the helmet mechanically removed from his head. His moustache is a famous aspect of his strange persona and remained fantastically defying gravity until his death in 1989.

John Lennon’s Glasses

It’s hard to argue that there is a more iconic sunglasses wearer then John Lennon. His round framed shades have a legendary status all their own after the Beatle wore them for the majority of his career. Today, despite the influx of sleek plastic designs that have hit the market, Lennon-style shades remain as popular as ever.

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