Superheroes with Super Glasses

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Superheroes with Super Glasses

Over the years, we have seen many of our favourite superheroes wear glasses that aid their extraordinary abilities. Furthermore, as many classic superhero stories involve the transformation of a physically weak character into a caped crusader fighting for justice, a Superhero’s glasses can be symbolic of their nature. But which superhero glasses are the best? Via a hard thought out process of elimination, here is the whittled down list.


Image by Istolethetv

Concealing your identity is one of the most important aspects to being a superhero, and Clark Kent has one of the simplest yet most effective disguises known to the superhero world. His glasses had the amazing ability to somehow completely conceal his identity from his friends and greatest enemies.

Apart from having the ability to make Clark Kent a master of disguise, his glasses were made ofKryptonian material that made them impervious to damage from his heat vision. So when Clark chooses to fire his heat vision through his glasses, luckily, he doesn’t have to go to his local opticians to get a new pair, which could accidently reveal his secret identity!

Animal Man

Image by JD Hancock

One you may not have heard of, Animal Man (AKA Buddy Baker) is the Dr Doolittle of superheroes. His power involves absorbing animal abilities such as the flight of a bird or the strength of an elephant to use against his enemies. Animal Man gained these powers when an extra-terrestrial spaceship crash landed in his proximity while out hunting.

Surprisingly, the character wasn’t much of a hit at first, and he only made a few appearances in the DC Comic Universe before gradually disappearing into obscurity. However, the bizarre plot and the character’s hilarious sense of style have since earned Animal Man a cult following. His distinctive looking goggles have made him a controversial but necessary addition to this list.


Image by Mark Ordonez

Poor Scott Summers couldn’t read, watch his favourite TV programs, or even stare out his window without destroying everything in his path via his gaze. That was, at least, until he got his super optic blast controlling glasses, which allow him to see everything without obliterating stuff to smithereens.

Cyclops had the option to casually blast or zap as he pleased by simply lifting the lens of his super powered goggles. With the X-Men, he also gained a battle visor with a single lens running eye-to-eye, which allowed him to control his blasts at a push of a button via the ‘Cyclops’ effect.

Cyclops is probably the first character that springs to most people’s minds in this category, and possibly a contender for the best superhero with super glasses on this list.

Austin Powers

Image by Newsbie Pix

The ultra-suave British superspy from the 60s wouldn’t be half as irresistible to women, or have the ability to charm his way out of any sticky situation, if he was not equipped with his thick black-rimmed glasses. The hipster swinger is an iconic hero, and it is hard to imagine if he would have the same level of popularity without his distinctive face furniture.

What’s more, the unlikely sex symbol’s vintage black squared glasses have become a fancy dress classic, perhaps even contributing to a rise in the sale of vintage glasses.Along with Harry Potter, Austin Powers is one of the most famous characters to be globally recognised for their glasses, and therefore deserves his spot on this list.

What superheroes with super glasses would you include in this elite list?

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