Classic Sunglasses on the People Who Made them Famous

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Classic Sunglasses on the People Who Made them Famous

There are some sunglasses wearing icons that will never go out of fashion. Think Elvis Presley in those Nautics. These men and women became cult fashion icons as a result of consistently setting a good example when it came to the way they presented themselves.

Unfortunately the media-perpetuated modern day equivalent of these talented and fashion-forward individualsusually comes in the form of a Kardashian; so it’s worth remembering what real style used to be by exploring the tastes and fashion triumphs of some of the most influential sunglasses wearers to ever have lived.

Douglass Macarthur

A historical figure of the American military, Douglass MacArthur probably had no idea that it would be his photo which would catapult the “Aviator” design into the forefront of the fashion zeitgeist, for decades to come.

He was of course sporting these now iconic glasses because, as their name suggests, they were in fact designed to be worn by pilots. Interestingly, as the original photos were taken in black and white, few people who originally were impressed by stylish look of these sunglasses on Macarthur, knew that the aviators he was wearing were green tinted and not black!

Hunter S. Thompson

As the founder of the Gonzo Journalism movement, Hunter S. Thompsons was a whirlwind of creative energy, which could occasionally become a little hectic. It is no surprise then that his unique outlook extended to the sense of fashion.

The ray bans he wore featured “shooter” frames; they sat high up on the nose and were literally intended to keep the wearers eyes safe when discharging firearms. Combing these with a crazy Hawaiian shirt, white bucket hat and debonair cigarette holder, Johnny Depp payed ultimate homage to Thompson’s style, when portraying him in the film Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

Jackie Kennedy

Beloved by the American public, especially the fashionistas, this first lady was unanimously regarded as a tasteful trend setter.Everything she wore always perfectly matched the occasion; never boast full or vulgar, Kennedy’s fashion choices had a way of striking just the right chord with everyone around her.

Her signature sunglasses featured overly large frames and sometimes striking colour combinations like pink on black. Her sense of style even extended into the spiritual, the temple pieces on her favourite pair of sunglasses featuring a Greek key symbol: the symbol for eternal life.

It is never too late to revive a piece like Macarthur’s Aviators or Thompson’s ray bans. Especially as many of the great styles of today are re-workings of past looks.



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