5 Awesome Halloween Costumes to Wear with Glasses!

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5 Awesome Halloween Costumes to Wear with Glasses!

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Having bad eyesight can be a right pain. Many of us don’t like wearing contact lenses, and on occasions that involve fancy dress it can be a case of find a costume to go with your glasses, or go blind.

Now, I’m not an advocate of going blind, as it can result in all kinds of bad endings – like falling down steps and kissing frogs. Therefore to help you look amazing while being able to see at the same time, here are five awesome Halloween costumes that incorporate glasses into the look.

1.     Superman/Wonder Woman


Either of these costumes are really easy to pull off, as both wear glasses when dressed as their alter egos, Clark Kent and Diana Prince. Simply dress in a shirt with trousers or a skirt, and wear a Superman or Wonder Woman top underneath said shirt. To avoid annoying questions of “but, who are you?” unbutton the shirt so you can just see the top underneath. Voila!

2.     Crazy Scientist

Yes, it might be slightly clichéd, but it’s also an amazing costume. Borrow a lab coat, place rips and fake blood in appropriate places, backcomb hair, and you’re done. If you really want to go for it, then create a funny lab pass as well, and carry your spliced pet (cuddly toy parts glued together) around for extra comic effect.

3.     Harry Potter

A modern classic, and still great if you need to gender-flip it, just wrap some sticky tape around the middle of your glasses, draw a scar on, and wear a shirt and trousers (extra points for an authentic Hogwarts tie and a wand). If you really do want to go as a woman, try a Professor McGonagall costume.

4.     Zombie Celebrity

If you have prescription sunglasses, then the zombie celebrity look is for you. Rip up a dress or shirt, plaster your face with white face paint and fake blood, and pop on your sunglasses. Hey, we don’t think celebrities would take off their prescription sunglasses even if they were the walking dead – gotta retain your cool, man.

5.     One of The Simpsons

There are a lot characters in The Simpsons that wear glasses – think Ned Flanders, Milhouse, Smithers, Disco Stu and Professor Frink.If you really want to go all out, grab some yellow body paint, and an appropriate accessory – for example, Ned would never be seen without his Bible.

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