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5 Biggest Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Glasses that block out Blue Light are becoming more present in our lives. As more of our daily lives involve screens, a method to protect our eyes from the potential harm is ever more important. We hear on the news that screens are bad for us. We see that blue light blocking glasses are a great way to help. So, are there a benefit of blue light glasses? 

As with anything new, it is natural to be sceptical. So, wondering if it is possible to find glasses that block out blue light is something we’ve all thought of at least once. But these kinds of glasses do exist and they don’t cost an arm and a leg either. Yet, most importantly, they have a range of benefits that are more than just keeping your eyes healthy.

More Sleep

One of the benefits of blue light glasses is the amount of sleep you get. Actually, it’s not just the amount of sleep but even the quality of sleep too. There is a fair bit of science behind this one, but we will keep it simple for you. Blue Light emits from screens and lights. So, in an evening if you’re watching TV, looking at your phone and have the lights on, there’s a fair bit of a blue light going into your eyes. Your body finds this a bit strange as naturally blue light occurs in daylight. So, when the sun goes down your brain starts to slowly let your body know it’s coming up to bedtime. If you’re exposing yourself to blue light before bed, like in the example above, you’ll find it hard to sleep. Because of the blue light exposure, your brain will think it is daytime and you should be awake. Therefore, the natural chemicals your body would usually release at this time aren’t. This is why if you lay in bed on your phone before you try to sleep, you usually find it harder to sleep straight away. This is where blue light blocking glasses come in handy. You could read a book by candlelight before bed and not touch your phone. But realistically, how many of us will do that these days? Popping on a pair of glasses that block out blue light in an evening will stop that blue light entering your eyes. Then, your brain can still ready your body for sleep. So, not only do you get to sleep easier, getting in some more shut-eye rather than tossing and turning, but you get better sleep. Your brain releasing those chemicals allows you to get a longer deeper sleep.
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No Sore Eyes

Sore, stinging, and uncomfortable eyes is something we have experienced when sitting in front of a computer or laptop. This goes double for working in the office with unnatural light above. You sit rubbing your eyes to try and soothe them. Yet, by the end of the day, you want to claw out your eyeballs. 

This, you guessed it, is due to blue light. If you think of being in school and learning about light, you might remember that light is drawn with wiggly lines. Blue light would be drawn as a wiggly line that peaks and troughs very quickly over and over again. This represents high energy. When this enters your eye for a long time it isn’t pleasant. 

Therefore, you get that irritating and painful experience. The best way to solve this is with a pair of anti-blue light computer glasses. These stop the blue light passing through and entering your eyes. Just like a bouncer of a club in the ’80s stopping anyone wearing trainers from coming in.

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More productive

A bit of a follow on from the last point is being more productive. If you aren’t sitting at your desk feeling uncomfortable you’ll concentrate a bit more. Your eyes will feel happier staring at the screen for a long period of time, so you’ll actually get more work done. Well, as long as you use the extra time wisely.

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Weight Loss

Yes, you read that right. A benefit of blue light glasses is weight loss. This isn’t a direct result and doesn’t mean you should end that gym membership, grab a burger and sit on your bum all day every day because you have a pair of blue light glasses on. You should always have a balanced diet and exercise. But, there are health benefits that help prevent slight weight gain. 

Studies have shown a 17% increase in the risk of gaining 11 pounds, just under a stone, because of blue light. Most of this surrounds the interruptions in sleep that blue light causes. Not sleeping properly and being sleep deprived leads to eating more as you feel like you need more energy to power through the day. And it is usually sugary and fatty foods we reach for. 

So, if you skipped the more sleep section above, go back and read that. Because if blue light is effecting your sleep, it could be affecting your diet the day after without you realising. And how amazing would it be that you could effectively lose weight by sleeping?

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Healthier Eyes

This is the granddaddy of them all. The single biggest benefit of blue light glasses is the protection of your eyes. Your eyes are precious, you only get two, and keeping them healthy is essential. If that’s a pair of sunglasses that block UV light or a pair of glasses that block blue light, you need to do all you can to keep your eyes healthy. 

Many of us are familiar with what cataracts are. This is an eye condition many older people face. It removes the peripheral vision we have. An awful condition you can have, I’m sure you can agree. But what would be worse in our opinion is the opposite of cataracts. Imagine having peripheral vision only. Imagine not being able to see in your central field of vision.

Well, what we just described exists. It is called AMD or Age-Related Macular Degeneration. A way to see what this could be like is to close one of your eyes. Then point your index finger towards your eye. Next, stare at the tip of your finger. Now, all you can see is the end of your finger, a bit of your hand and then everything else your hand isn’t blocking. This is what the world would look like if you had AMD. 

Research suggests that overexposure to blue light helps speed up and increase the chances of Age-related Macular Degeneration. And a simple way to help prevent this from happening is just wearing blue light blocking glasses. 

These are the 5 biggest benefits of blue light glasses. There are many more, but we think these are the most interesting and beneficial for you. If you’re now looking for your next pair of anti blue light glasses you’re in the right place. 

We have a range of glasses that block blue light. Be that affordable blue light glasses that are non-prescription or a designer prescription pair. If you’re after the latter simply find your favourite pair of cheap glasses on our site and add the blue light filter option while configuring your prescription needs.

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Those are just 5 of the benefits of blue light glasses. There are more, and more that you'll find that benefit you personally. 

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