Dress to Impress For an Interview with These Simple and Stylish Tips

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Dress to Impress For an Interview with These Simple and Stylish Tips

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We’ve all had those pre-interview outfit panics, where all of a sudden your wardrobe turns into a daunting library of mismatched garments and terrible patterns.

The black skirt won’t go with your brown brogues, the button-up collar of your crisp white shirt is choking you, and for some reason you’re wearing tartan. You didn’t even realise you owned tartan. Blind panic has set in and you’re wearing a sock as a pocket square.

Avoid the freak-outs and the hassle by employing these simple, tried and tested tricks to ensure that you turn up cool, calm and collected.


You might be tempted to stuff your feet into a pair of black court shoes, but only do this if you know you’re not going to be walking around much.

For instance, you don’t want to wear a pair of summery wedges to an interview that is an hour’s walk away, only to sit through it pretending that your feet aren’t cut to ribbons. If you’ve ever been in a similar situation and had to walk halfway home barefoot, you’ll know the importance of sensible shoes.

Always have a pair of black, polished, comfortable leather shoes you can rely on. Heels are fine if they’re tried and tested for comfort, but really, some sturdy and beautiful loafers are ideal for interviews.


It’s important to dress to your body type at all times. However, in an interview scenario, turning up with an outfit that looks both professional and tailored gives an instant impression of self-awareness and organisation.

If you are petite, go for a fitted, plain blouse in a neutral tone or colour; if you’re ample in the chest region, opt for a short sleeved turtle neck. For those who have an intense dislike for their midriffs, go for a peplum top, which will draw attention to your neck and shoulders, and shield your middle from scrutiny with a delicate overskirt.

Detail here is key. Therefore you need to be dressed smartly,but with an element of elegance, which is perfectly suggested by a design feature such as a peplum frill or high quality fabric.


A pair of plain fitted trousers is always a safe bet, and black is lovely and slimming. If you’ve been gifted with long legs, opt for an A-line skirt to the knee; if you haven’t, go for a maxi skirt. These looks will retain elegance and a demure sense of modesty whilst maintaining a stylish edge. If you’re pear shaped, go for a puffball skirt and a waist cinching belt.


Keep any jewellery simple and understated. Try to stay away from fussy details with tassels and fur and the bling factor – after all, you want to impress your potential employer with your own natural sparkle!

If you’re wearing a belt or a necklace or a bracelet, try to keep them minimal and singular. A stack of bangles all the way up one arm will not only be cumbersome, but they’ll become unnecessarily distracting.

According to a 2011 study, people are more likely to get a job if they wear glasses to an interview – because they make people look more intelligent. If you’re looking to invest in a pair glasses to help improve your job prospects, check out our collection of designer frames, which will help put a greater sense of style into your step.

Are there any tips you’d recommend for creating the perfect job interview ensemble? Join us in the comments section below for a conversation.



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